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stuff you should read
I've not been a fan of Metallica ever since the big Napster deal, but I heard that this film was supposed to be a good ducmentary and wow was it ever! Fucking A! Everyone should see it. I mean picture the guys in Metallica sitting in relationship therapy classes.. just picture these multi-millionaires still trying to remain true to rock and roll. I'm not one to give much away with my reviews and this is no exception. I will say that teh best part for me was when they had to do a radio promotion for their label and they were getting all upset about it cause it seemed like they were selling out and their managers told them, "hey, you've got to do this or the radio station chain, the largest in the country may not play your new record at all". They were so pissed about that and didn't even get that by aligning with the labels over mp3's and file sharing they were in a sense forcing themselves into doing what they hated most.. was ironic.. quite unlike the stance that Wilco took when they had probelms with thier label.. I wonder who feels better about being able to make thier music and their relationship with their fans..

Anyway, go rent this film and watch it.. its simply amazing to watch.. even if you don't like rock and roll I think you would find it interesting. Four Stars from me.. Oh, and the Vet (I miss the Vet) makes 2 cameo appearances...
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Ok, last we spoke on this subject, I had just gotten my tickets. Well, here is the next in the series... Krista and I were due to fly to West Palm Beach airport where we were going to stay at my dads place. On Friday I took the day off and drove up to the city with much excitement. When I got on the Walt Whitman, I could see the Linc and was starting to feel it.. Seeing the 'one' banner at the tollboth was just perfect:

The excitement continued as I drove to my place in Philly. There were "go eagles" signs and banners everywhere:

Krista and I were going to meet there and take one car to the airport. Perfect plan. We met up and found a nice spot and headed to the terminal. We were expecting to see all kinds of crazy fans so we wore some Eagles T-shirts to show our colors a bit. The coolest thing we saw at the airport was the wall of fame at the TSA security checkpoint. They had the posters from the Daily News: Westbrook, Trotter, McNabb and TO. All signed. The neat thing was that the TO poster had just been printed in the DN the day before so it was obvious that the players had reciently passed thorough this exact security checkpoint.. I grabbed my camera and was about to shoot the shot when I realized where I was standing and almost peed myself.. "Uh, excuse me, can I take a photo of your wall?" .. after a few seconds, the TSA guy told me "sure".. how cool?

The flights to Florida were all packed. We weren't surprised and that's why we got there so early.. Here is me waiting for our flight:

Non eventfull flight and we got picked up by a friend of my dads and dropped off at the place in Florida where we went to a movie (Million Dollar Baby, not bad, not amazing, great perfomance by Swank, directing just ok) and dinner then to bed..

Next morning we had some breakfast and borrowed the car and started driving up to Jacksonville. It was kind of funny since we had one of those window flags and it looked a bit odd on the Mercedes.. but we were pumped up and wanted to honk at all the other fans driving up.. It was Saturday so I don't think there were as many as Sunday, but we passed about 5 or 6 of them. The drive was 270 miles and we did it in about 3.5 hours which averages to about 77mph. The speed limit there is 70 and we didn't want to start our trip like we did in Charleston. a while back. Besides, (and here I will sound spoiled) the convertable made too much noise when we went over 80..

So, we arrived in JVille by about 2pm ready to rock!

to be continued...(photos take a while to fix up and make small)
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What the fuck is wrong with America lately? First of all, I'm upset today about the fact that the GoDaddy.com ad (which kind of was totally stupid and lame) was censored by Fox and the NFL. See this link (click here) for the story from the president of Godaddy. I mean come on.. This is just plain silly. The sb ads were overall quite lame if you ask me.. focusing on cute talking animals and sappy "clap for the troops" ads.. I'm so sad to have been brought up here in this country.

By the way, you should click through to see the 2 minute version of the ad.. it was a lot better than the 30 second one.. and actually quite ironic in it's plot...

There are links from the blog at : http://www.bobparsons.com/
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So, I just dropped into this commentary thing. I know.. Here's the deal.. Got back from Florida, drove home and had to clear off the 9 hours of stuff on the tivo from the SB so I plopped down and started watching.. had so many thoughts I just had to get them out.. The real upday of the trip (with photos) is coming.. I had hoped to update while I was there but there was no open net connections for me to use and little time.. so you'll get a digest kind of deal.. stay tuned...

Ok, Eagles next year.. if they get to the SB with the same kind of team they had this year, I think they win.. most of the things I saw were related (I believe) to SB jitters... we've been there.. and we almost won.. don't listen to what anyone says.. we were in that game.. as crappy as we looked, we did what we needed to do to stay in that game.. so next year, add the experience factor.. and we win.. besides.. SB XXXX is just cooler looking no?

Talk to you tomarrow...
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3rd Q:
4:40 in the 3rd.. we actually are totally in this damn game. McNabb has looked sloppy in the beginnning of the game, but on this drive, he's hitting guys nice and BWest is having a great drive here.. and McNabb looks awesome..

4th Q:

NE is running so well against us.. wow.. best I've seen anyone run on us since we got trotter back into the lineup.

Levins has done nothing all game so far and just got a bad drop.. We got him becasue he had a SB ring and the experince, well, guess what, the team now has SB experience.. bye bye..

McNabb with a bad interception.. you can't do that man.. this is the Super Bowl.. 3 ints is not good at all!

TO, TO, TO.. is this guy doing everything he can to win or what? Is he all over the place this quarter?

4:09 left.. Josh Parry.. yea.. nice catch and fall dumb ass.. as if the clock isn't running out fast enough, you have to fall in bounds with nobody on you. At least stumble to the side line and stop the clock!

Uh.. TO again is amazing.. he just made such a nice out pattern catch.. and unlike Parry, got out of bounds.. perfect.. Give this man a $100 Millon contract..

2 minute warning.. Tivo stopped recording.. I totally should have extended it.. what was I thinking? Well, I know how it turns out since I was there and all..

commercials : NFL "Tomarrow".. well done.. cute.. Tabasco.. very cool.. smoking hot girl too!. The monkies.. yea.. duh.. stupid.. ha ha.. not... And I'm sorry, "hi, we're bud.. we're not creative and we're gonna suck up and do a rah rah military puff spot".. don't try to manipulate me you huge lame ass corporation.. suck me.. And your Bud Light spots were pretty lame as well, show some balls and play the 'wardrobe malfunncion' spot.. pussies..
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Ok, so I'm back from the game and back watching the game, finally, on tv. You know, at the game, they showed no replays so I'm really happy to have Tivoed this thing.

Here are my impressions as I watch...

1st Q: I don't care what you try to tell me about Brady, so far, he looks like shit. The only throw that was more than some dink pass was horribly overthrown to his reciever. This guy is no thing so far.

Our O line is getting handled by the Pats D line on the run. McNabb is looking like he's in his first superbowl. He's staring down recievers a bunch and thowing to guys that aren't there and just looking really sloppy.

TO is playing hard and looks pretty good for being injured. He's clearly not 100% but he has heart man!

2nd Q: Their D line is still killing our inside run, BWest can only get something going on occation to the outside. Good thing we can screen and throw some.

We score first.. Nice pass from McNabb.. he's coming out of haze finally.. good series. On the Pats next play after the kick retrun they run a screen.. it gets like 15 yards.. uh.. huge hold on the LB there.. that's why.. nobody seems to see it.

Kinda miss Dahani Jones.. haven't seen him much in game at all... certainly not making any plays.. That's a bummer..

Brady Fumbles.. so far, he still looks like a regular QB.. not very impressed by him yet.. Under that pile I hope he got messed up.. he certainly coughed up the ball, so someone had his balls in their hand..

BWest drops a ball on 3rd down.. gotta make that man.. this is the SB!

2 minute warning.. even with the McNabb start and the offene not looking great, the Eagles pretty much own this game so far. We should be quite proud of our defense.

NE touchdown.. All I can say is what I said at the game.. "What the fuck is Sheppard doing down there?" He was like a deer in the headlights.. Cover your man stupid fuck! We could be going into the locker room up 7-0.. how amazing would that be? Dumbfuck!

Pinkston is looking ok.. we should keep him next year..

Halftime : winners so far? Burgess had a great half, 32 Lewis looks quite good, Sheppard messed up 3 times so far.. Josh Parry 49.. totally pussied out of a block that led to a sack and messed up a Special teams play.. he sucks so bad that guy.. trade, drop, release.. whatever.. bye bye Josh... TO.. yea.. the man.. 5.. not good but good enough even with the bad throws in 1st Q.

Commercials : PDiddy Pepsi truck was funny and creative. Fedex with the 10 things to have in a SB commercial.. quite good. "You're getting robbed" ha ha.. funny as hell.. other than that.. all crap.
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Ok... I finally pakced my clothes last night. I was putting it off for some reason. I guess it's becasue I'm a terrible packer and I was having a hard time figuring out what it would feel like temperature wise at the game. I tried on my jersey.. it is 2XL. I don't know what the hell I did. It's huge! Anyway, I went through everything I owned and pulled out everything green I owned. Finally decided I'd wear the jersey , two green t shirts and green pants with a green sweatshirt as a backup if it gets really cold. Other than that, I've got eagles T shirts to wear today and tomarrow. I aslo had to check the SB website to make sure I could bring my tv, binoculars and camera to the game. I was planning my messenger bag, but you can't have a bag bigger than 8.5x11" so that's out. I've got a small bag, should be cool. The website discourages all electronic devices including, get this, cell phones.. who wouldn't bring their cell phones? Duh.

Well, I have to finish packing, get some bfast, feed the cats and drive to philly... yay.. the trip is starting!!!
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My little sister will be 16 this year and perhaps if we are lucky we can have MTV come and film it for an upcoming episode of their new show "My Super Sweet Sixteen". I have to admit that I Tivo'd it on a whim when I saw an ad for it on "The Real Word Philadelphia" and there was a girl on the ad with amazing breasts. It turns out that she is 15. I won't even begin to comment on how a 15 year old girl could be revealaing so much and even how she looks so amazing for her age (it is shot in LA where breast jobs are common in 14-16 year old girls)...

Anyway, I have to beg you to watch an episode of this show. It will provide so many laughs and also will provoke some outrage at how wealthy people really are. Witout describing much more about the show (which I am 1/2 way through at the moment), I will leave you with 2 telling quotes so far:

"Since I didn't find the dress of my dreams in Paris, I'm going to have my dresses custom made" (uh yea, they flew to paris to find a dress for her party)

"Dad, all my friends get my car before [they get thir licences].. I swear if you don't get my car by [my birhtday on] October 25, I'm never talking to you again" uh yea.. and the car she is getting is not the Mercedes SLK 350 Roadster since it wasn't big enough and yes, it will probably be the Range Rover that she checked out..

Ahh, and I thought my family was wealthy...
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hey.. go buy the new Chemical Brothers CD "Push the Button" quite good... also well, for you hip-hop peeps, I'm sure you know this already, but The Game "Documentary" is pretty good as well..

Anyway, I'm thinking of stopping my game.. so you may see me writing a bit more.. we'll see..
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Well, there is no part one logged, but it did happen.. that was last Saturday when I bought a jersey for the game. I mean, I can't go to the superbowl and not represent my team can I? I paid the price for waiting though, I was only able to choose from 5,81 and 93. I don't know, I love TO and Donovan is coool but you know, eveyone has those shirts. I was hoping that I could get a Trotter or Jones or Dawkins.. but no luck, so I settled on Kerse. I had this premonition that he would get hurt early so I was hesitant, but now that I'll be wearing his number, I am planning on him having a huge game. 2 sacks from him would be amazing.. We'll see..

Ok, so on to part 2. This morning I got a fedex at like 10am..

Hmn? I wonder what it could be. Obviously I knew, else why would I take a photo of the damn thing? Inside I found such a wonderful sight:

Yup, that's them. They are cooler in person. The Lombardi Trophy is embossed and sparkley. Notice I'm in section 213 row R which is at about the 20 yard line on the lower level. Check out this cool link that shows my view (just type in section 213 and wait a sec for the applet to load up).

Tomarrow, I'll drive to Philly where I'll meet with Krista and jump on a plane to West Palm Beach. From there we drive to my dads place. Hopefully I'll be able to post from there so I can keep you up to date with what's happeneing.. until Tomarrow night or Sat morning..

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